How does the MetaGer key work?

How does the MetaGer key work?

With a MetaGer key you search ad-free. You receive tokens from which one search is deducted per search. When you use a MetaGer key, all features that protect MetaGer from automated calls are disabled. This means that you won't see captcha requests and your IP address won't be kept for a limited time. Simply put, this will make MetaGer faster, more reliable and more secure.

How does the anonymous token work?

You can use the anonymous token with our browser extension or app. This will allow you to search even more securely with MetaGer. When using anonymous token, a part of your credit, in the form of random passwords, will be stored on your device. Through a complex cryptographic process, it becomes impossible even for us to associate your performed searches with each other, or with your key.

How do I use the MetaGer key ?

The MetaGer key is automatically set up and used in the browser. So you don't need to do anything else. If you want to use the MetaGer key on additional devices, there are several ways to set up the MetaGer key:

  1. Copy URL
    When you are on the MetaGer key management page, there is an option to copy a URL. With this URL all settings of MetaGer, as well as the MetaGer key can be saved on another device.
  2. Save file
    When you are on the MetaGer key management page, there is an option to save a file. This saves your MetaGer key as a file. You can then use this file on another device to log in there with your key.
  3. Scan QR Code
    Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code displayed on the administration page to log in to another device.
  4. Enter MetaGer key manually
    Of course, you can also enter the key manually on another device.
I am dissatisfied with the MetaGer key. What can I do?

In this case, you can request a refund for unused tokens within 30 days of purchase. To do this, you will need your payment ID. To request a refund, open the MetaGer key management page. There, click on the "Orders" menu item and enter your payment ID. After that you can click on the button "Request refund" and send the refund request.

How do I search completely anonymously?

Your privacy and anonymity are very important to us. That is why we offer anonymous payment methods (cash). We also offer the use of anonymous tokens, which they can even use to search verifiably anonymously.

I need an invoice. How do I get it?

For this, you only need your payment ID. To request the invoice, open the MetaGer key administration page. Here you click on the "Orders" menu item and enter your payment ID. Now you can click on the button "Request invoice" and start the invoice request. For the invoice we need your full name, your e-mail address and your address.

I would like to charge my MetaGer key automatically. How to do it?

For our members, the key included in the membership is automatically topped up on a monthly basis. The amount of token here depends on the membership fee paid.

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