For us, privacy is one of the most important goods on the internet. It needs to be preserved and is not to be used for profit. The following is a small summary of our approach.

Only free software with open source code is under control of any user. In all other cases the users have to believe what the maintainers tell about what is going on inside. If maintainers claim that they have strictly implemented privacy and data protecion, users have to believe them. MetaGer is free software under GNU-AGPLv3 Licence. It is available to anyone at

Our Approach/Policy:

What others say about our privacy-concept on twitter:

> 7.4.2014 C. Schulzki-Haddouti @kooptech > MetaGer dürfte im Moment die sicherste Suchmaschine weltweit sein

> 8.4.2014 Stiftung Datenschutz @DS_Stiftung > Wenn das Suchergebnis anonym bleiben soll: @MetaGer, die gemeinnützige > Suchmaschine aus #Hannover

> 8.4.2014 Markus Käkenmeister @markus2009 > Suchmaschine ohne Tracking

> 8.4.2014 Marko [~sHaKaL~] @mobilef0rensics > Nice; anonymous Search and find with MetaGer

> 7.4.2014 Anfahrer @anfahrer > Websuche mit #Datenschutz dank #MetaGer : Anonyme Suche und > Ergebnisse via Proxy

> 8.4.2014 stupidité pue @dummheitstinkt > wow, is this the MetaGer I used in the end 90s in internet cafes??? > "Anonymes Suchen und Finden mit MetaGer | heise"